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DOB: March 19th 1987
location: Monroe New york
top 5 bands: Coheed and Cambria, Brand New, Underoath, Fairweather, From Autumn to Ashes

favorite song and why: Wonderwall by Oasis because I love the lyrics that mean alot to me and its an old song I guess
explain your username: C is for the first initial of my first name, Liz is short for my middle name D for the first initial of my last name 05-the year I graduate, 19 for the day I was born. What can I say? im a nerd
what bands have teeny boppers ruined for you: The Starting Line, Blink 182, Yellowcard ,New Found Glory, the Ataris, dashboard and unfourtnetly I’ve got a couple of teeny boppers in my school listening to coheed.*cringes*

your thoughts on teeny boppers: I get mad when I look at them and they should just listen to that teeny bopper shit they call music.
promote us in one community and send us the link   _emo_icons_

you must include atleast one clear picture of yourself.

its the only one i had...

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