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So, yeah, I was born on . . . May 5th, 1985
The place where I am stuck is . . . Mobile, Alabama
The five CDs currently stuck on my playlist are . . .

  • catch for us the foxes - meWithoutYou

  • they're only chasing safety - UnderOath

  • pretend you're alive - Lovedrug

  • take this to your grave - Fall Out Boy

  • let it enfold you - Senses Fail

My current personal anthem is . . . A Boy Brushed Red In Black And White by UnderOath because of the relationship that destroyed the last two years of my life.
My username means . . . fortunate chaos; it's my personal philosophy on life, specifically related to the chaos that Christ endured as he lived, died, and rose again on the Earth for us.
The little -expletive deleted- kids ruined . . . much of Warped Tour in general; at the last Warped Tour concert that I was at, I was surrounded by blasted children; half of the people I met were thirteen or fourteen and "totally scene". It was disconcerting, to say the least, and rather disappointing.
Oh, those Teeny-boppers . . . need be forced to stay away from concerts. Concerts are the only haven where music is supposed to be truly experienced fully, and I certainly cannot do that trying to watch out for preteens and underage kiddos underneath my feet as I hXc it up. Anyone who can drive home from the concert is okay by me.

The Promotion Whore says . . . Go Here.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

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I would totally say yes, but this community has been dead for months.