~*Kersten*~ (freakypunk619) wrote in killing_teenies,

We're hanging out w/ corpses...

DOB: 6/19/89

location: Oak Lawn, IL

top 5 bands: My Chemical Romance, One Trick Arsenal(local), Underoath, From First To Last, Emery

favorite song and why: OTA - Adding Insult To Injury b/c the lyrics in their are unique & different and i love the guitar in it and it overall is just an amazing song...

explain your username: I made this in 8th grade & have never changed it b/c I use it for so many things & I don't feel like making a new one b/c I don't want to end up accidently typing the wrong one a million times b/c I changed it...

what bands have teeny boppers ruined for you: MCR...and alot there are some that go to local shows and like this one time their were this preppy whore teeny boppers who were standing behind me @ this show & this band(that wasn't even that good) was playing & they were screaming like a bunch of idiots and shouting things to the members...I wanted to punch them in the face

your thoughts on teeny boppers: I hate their guts & hope that one day they will will all die a slow painful death & then burn in hell...

link <~~ there's my promotion

This isn't that good of one, but it's the only one I have of me right now on my computer...ya, I don't really wear my glasses anymore...and those glasses in the pic got broken during warped tour...and that's gerard from MCR next to me if you were wondering...

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Thats a good MCR song. I got into them last year and saw them LAST year and now everyones like "oooh im not okay" Stupid. but i would definitely say yes for this community but its been kinda slow lately.
haha...ya, I started getting into them a few months b4 Revenge & I got into them b/c of 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You' and then when Revenge came out I got completely blew away by the material...and it kinda bugs me about how everyone only knows them by 'I'm Not Okay'...that isn't even their best song off the album...it's like hello!! what about their other songs??...
oh, ya, by the way...who is on ur icon b/c I know I've saw a pic of them b4 but I just can't remember who exactly they are...
fear before the march of flames
OHHH.....ok...I knew it had to be a band that i heard of a million times b4..
aww. you're a cute kid. and screaming girly things suck.

teeny bopper!