~*Kersten*~ (freakypunk619) wrote in killing_teenies,

We're hanging out w/ corpses...

DOB: 6/19/89

location: Oak Lawn, IL

top 5 bands: My Chemical Romance, One Trick Arsenal(local), Underoath, From First To Last, Emery

favorite song and why: OTA - Adding Insult To Injury b/c the lyrics in their are unique & different and i love the guitar in it and it overall is just an amazing song...

explain your username: I made this in 8th grade & have never changed it b/c I use it for so many things & I don't feel like making a new one b/c I don't want to end up accidently typing the wrong one a million times b/c I changed it...

what bands have teeny boppers ruined for you: MCR...and alot there are some that go to local shows and like this one time their were this preppy whore teeny boppers who were standing behind me @ this show & this band(that wasn't even that good) was playing & they were screaming like a bunch of idiots and shouting things to the members...I wanted to punch them in the face

your thoughts on teeny boppers: I hate their guts & hope that one day they will will all die a slow painful death & then burn in hell...

link <~~ there's my promotion

This isn't that good of one, but it's the only one I have of me right now on my computer...ya, I don't really wear my glasses anymore...and those glasses in the pic got broken during warped tour...and that's gerard from MCR next to me if you were wondering...

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